About us

Welcome at O-XUM,


if you are reading this chances you are one of the million people of color who are frustrated with the experience of trying to shop for beauty products for your special needs in the mainstream retail and ecommerce businesses. Most mass market brands do not even attempt to fulfill the beauty needs of people of color. It‘s a real pain in the neck to track down products that address your special needs.


All of us founders of O-XUM - being women of African descent living in Europe - had that frustrating experience firsthand and decided to do something about it. So we created O-XUM in 2016 in the creative start-up hotspot Berlin.

O-XUM is dedicated to become the best and most customer-friendly ecommerce platform for beauty products for people of color.


We are committed to put an end to endless searches, poor quality and a feeling of being unattended or invisible.

O-XUM offers carefully selected brands and products from around the globe that meet the special needs of people of color. These high quality products address common concerns amongst people of color. O-XUM is an ecommerce platform where people of color can enjoy a highly personal and satisfying shopping experience.

Beyond shopping O-XUM is about building community, where people of color can share experiences and give each other support around their special beauty needs.


In regular intervalls O-XUM organizes events, pop-up shops and festivities to bring people of color together to celebrate their natural beauty. These events are fun and empowering and of course also offer you an opportunity to sample our products.

Our team brings together expertise, drive and passion in fashion design, make-up arts, sales, retail, ecommerce, marketing, operations and a willingness to make a difference. We aspire to create the absolute best shopping experience for beauty products for people of color. 


And in case you are curious: the name O-XUM was chosen inspired by the West-African deity Oshun who represents primordial beauty, love and sensuality. To us she is the perfect symbol of black beauty and empowerment. 


So come join us and celebrate your beauty!!!